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Exclusive Film Packages

AVA allows participating institutions to choose from a selection of film packages, pre-curated by film festivals and distribution companies. Experts in European and world cinema have specially selected films that they feel will be of particular interest to library users, and cleared the streaming rights accordingly.

Film packages can be selected by theme and by content provider, giving library users a completely unique selection of diverse content.

AVA can also facilitate self-curated film packages, created by libraries and partner institutions. These packages can contain anything from archive footage to local film festival programs, to content of particular local interest. As long as the rights have been cleared with the content owners, it can be made available to stream through AVA on-demand.

Connecting the Continent

What sets AVA apart from other on-demand streaming services is the network of Europe-wide industry experts involved. AVA sources film packages from some of Europe’s most eclectic and exciting films festivals. Sharing content, film metadata and film recommendations from country to country, city to city, library user to library user is the backbone of the AVA project. We want people to experience the full diversity and depth of European cinema.

Digital Solutions

The way in which we consume media and film content is changing rapidly, and AVA is giving libraries and public institutions the opportunity to be at the forefront of video streaming technology. With both online and onsite high-definition video streaming capabilities, AVA offers an unrivaled on-demand experience.

Our video library is user friendly and easy to navigate. Users can filter results, search for specific titles or browse through different film packages at their leisure.

AVA also offers state of the art high-definition virtual reality streaming as part of our onsite package.

Bespoke Hardware

We know how diverse library institutions can be, and can offer hardware solutions tailored to the size and setup of each individual institution. Our hardware packages range from personal viewing stations to public screening setups to high-end virtual reality devices.

Over several consultations, we can discuss your requirements and offer a hardware package that will give users to optimum AVA experience.

Login, Authentication & Statistics

AVA provides a range of login and authentication methods. Our onsite setup offers fast streaming on unlimited stations within your institution. Authentication methods, in accordance with institutional data protection policies, facilitate user-access via pre-existing library ID numbers, allowing users to view only age-appropriate content. AVA can also provide custom logins with a variety of different permissions determined by age, staff-status and other factors.

Online access to AVA can be controlled within certain locations, intranet networks, buildings and regions through IP whitelisting and geo-blocking.
This means that institutions can closely monitor who accesses AVA content.

AVA can also offer detailed viewing and login statistics to help each institution get the most out of their AVA experience.